Does Barnes and Noble offer scholarships?

Please note: Barnes & Noble does not have a grant program nor do we offer scholarships.

Can you use financial aid at Barnes and Noble?

Yes, you can use your financial aid to pay. However, you will still need to keep a credit card on file with us in order to rent a book. … In Store: Stop by the bookstore and return your book at the register. Use Express Check-In online and your in-store return will be even easier!

How does Barnes and Noble help schools?

Barnes & Noble supports national non-profit organizations that focus on literacy, the arts or education (pre-K-12). At a local level, the Barnes & Noble Community Business Development Program supports pre-K-12 schools and not-for-profit arts and literacy organizations. …

Does Barnes and Noble donate to schools?

Last year Barnes & Noble donated 1.2 million books to over 630 local charities nationwide that provide services to disadvantaged children—and since the program began, we have donated over 20 million books to hospitals, schools, literacy organizations and social service organizations across the country.

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How do you get a textbook scholarship?

Here’s what you should know about textbook scholarships and receiving money for textbooks:

  1. Federal Student Loans. …
  2. Private Student Loans. …
  3. The Helping Hands Book Scholarship. …
  4. Carl A. …
  5. The Passageway Scholarship Program. …
  6. Barnes and Noble Scholarships. …
  7. NACE Book Scholarship Program. …
  8. Casimiro Foundation Book Scholarships.

Can you use fafsa money for books?

Yes, money from FAFSA® can be used to cover housing and books. Financial aid that you receive from filing your FAFSA® can cover housing and books. Financial aid is awarded under the premise that students use it to cover the school’s costs.

How do you pay for books with financial aid?

All students must complete their Bookstore Funds Release form on their Online Center. Navigate to the Financial Aid Tile to complete this form. You can use these funds to charge books and required supplies at the College bookstore.

Do Barnes and Noble employees get discounts?

The employee discount can be used at any Barnes & Noble store and online at … 30% off most merchandise, 40% during employee appreciation days.

Does Barnes and Noble support LGBT?

Barnes & Noble is one of 517 major U.S. businesses which received top marks for their treatment of LGBT employees and customers. “We’re proud to receive another perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index,” said Michelle Smith, Vice President of Human Resources for Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Who does Barnes and Noble donate to?

Through this annual program, our booksellers and generous customers have helped donate over 20 million books to hospitals, schools, literacy organizations and social service organizations such as the Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the YMCA.

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Does Barnes & Noble support black lives matter?

So, let us be clear—we stand with the Black community and all those seeking justice across the country, and are committed to becoming both part of the conversation and part of the solution. At Barnes & Noble we believe it is in our power as readers to be informed, to react and to teach.

How do you get free books from Half Price Books?

Steps for Acquiring Free Books

  1. Call your local Half Price Book Store to confirm they participate.
  2. Stop in, chat with the fellow book-lovers at the store, and ask for a Book Donation Request Form.
  3. Fill out the half-page form (see below). …
  4. Turn in your form. …
  5. Jump up and down. …
  6. Wheel the FREE books to your car.

Does Staples donate to nonprofit?

Staples® stores support non-profit organizations through We Care gift cards and in-kind product donations. These donations allow organizations to get the supplies they need from Staples to help make a community event or program a success.