Does Imperial College London do law?

The application process is competitive, but the Imperial College Law Society is committed to helping students through every stage of the journey towards a legal career.

Is Imperial College London hard to get into?

How difficult is it to get an admission into Imperial College, London? Imperial College has a very low admission rate in both undergraduate as well as post graduate courses. Applicants will require a strong academic profile along with extracurricular activities.

What does Imperial College Specialise in?

STEMB specialists. Imperial College London is the only UK university to focus entirely on science, engineering, medicine and business. Our international reputation for excellence in teaching and research sees us consistently rated in the top 10 universities worldwide.

What courses does Imperial College have?

Courses for 2022 entry

  • A. Aeronautical Engineering. Aeronautics. …
  • B. Biochemistry. Life Sciences (Biochemistry and Biotechnology) …
  • C. Chemical Engineering. Chemical Engineering. …
  • D. Design Engineering. …
  • E. Earth and Planetary Science. …
  • G. Geology. …
  • I. Intercalated BSc programme. …
  • M. Materials Science and Engineering.

What’s the worst university in the UK?

The one with the priciest reputation

The worst university to live in terms of cost of living is Regent’s University London.

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How prestigious is Imperial College?

Imperial College London is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the world, with most rankings placing it in the top 10 globally.

Does Bill Gates Fund Imperial College London?

The philanthropist and personal computing pioneer Bill Gates came to Imperial College London this month to find out more about research into diseases that blight the health of underprivileged populations across the world.

Is Imperial better than UCL?

In terms of reputation, UCL beats Imperial among academics, while Imperial has a slightly stronger reputation among graduate employers, and also offers a slightly better student/faculty ratio.

What grades do you need to get into Imperial College London?

Admission requirements

For applicants submitting A-levels, the minimum standard is AAA overall. Depending on the program, it is 38-40 points overall for applicants presenting IB, and 5, 5, 5 for those offering AP. The preferred three subjects vary depending on the program.

What grades do you need for Imperial College?

Overall score of 5.75, with 6 in required relevant subjects *additional A levels or STEP papers may be required. Scores of 85%-90% overall across all grade 12 subjects, including 85%-90% in at least five grade 12 subjects including required subjects.