Frequent question: How do I reset my UCF email password?

Please login to with your email address and password. Once authenticated you will be asked to reset the password using the Office 365 minimum password requirements shown below.

How do I change my UCF email password?

What if I forget my password or my account is locked? You will need to reset your password, you can reset your password by clicking the “Reset Password” button and select the alternate email where the password will be sent.

How do I access my UCF email?

Knights Email is the primary email system for all UCF students.

Log in to Your Knights Email Account

  1. Navigate to the Knights Email website.
  2. Click Knights Account Login.
  3. Sign in with your email address and password. If you do not remember your password, you will need to reset your password.

How do I reset my UCF password?

To perform a password reset, visit If you experience any issues with resetting your password online, please contact the UCF Service Desk at 407-823-5117.

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Can I change my knights email?

UCF can only rename Knights Email accounts on an exception basis for University purposes (e.g. legal name change).

What is the email for UCF?

E-mail: Phone: (844) 376-9160. Fax: (407) 823-5625.

How long do you keep your UCF email?

After graduation, Knights Email will be available as long as the account remains active. Knights Email accounts are considered inactive if the account has not been accessed via login within an 18 month period. After 18 months with no login activity, the account will be inactivated and blocked from login.

How do I check my UCF residency status?

Web-only students must contact UCF Health Services at 407-823-3707. Confirm your residency status for tuition purposes at myUCF on your Application Status page.

How long does UCF take to make a decision?

How long does it take to get an admission decision? About ten days to two weeks once your admission file is complete, meaning that your application, fee and all necessary documents have been received.

How do I find my UCF ID?

To obtain your UCF ID, go to myUCF, log in using your NID and password, click Student Self Service > Personal Information >UCF ID Info. This page will display your UCF ID, your NID and your UCF ID Card number, once you have been issued one.

How do I find my UCF password?

To look up your NID and set your NID password, visit

How do I log into my UCF computer?

UCF Apps provides access to the desktop software and lab PCs you need anytime, anywhere, from any device. TO LOG IN: Your username will be [YourNID], and your password is your current NID password.

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How do I connect to UCF VPN?

Connecting to the university’s VPN

In order to use the university VPN on a PC, Cisco AnyConnect client is required. Cisco AnyConnect is pre-installed on workstations that are connected to the university’s NET domain. Simply open the client and authenticate with your NID credentials to connect to the UCF VPN.

Where is my GPA on myUCF?

STEP 1 Go to and log in with your NID credentials STEP 2 Click on Academic Resources and then click on GPA Estimator. STEP 3 Use the information from your most recent UCF Cumulative GPA to fill in credit hours and GPA.

What is ucf PID?

The UCF ID is seldom used, and it is often referred to its old name (PID). The seven digits of your UCF ID are also located on your plastic ID card. … Sign on to Click on Student Self Service. Click on Personal Information.

How do I change my major ucf?

Open-Access Programs

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to “Student Self Service”
  3. Open the drop down window titled “Other Academics”
  4. Choose “Change Major : Request”
  5. Choose “Add” to add a second major or “Change” to declare or change your current major.