You asked: What does R mean in college?

T = Tuesday. W = Wednesday. R = Thursday. F = Friday.

What does R mean in class schedules?

I once had a TR class and a few students thought it only met on Thursdays!! They didn’t understand T=Tuesday and R=Thursday. </ p>

Why does R stand for Thursday?

One Digit Day Codes

Code Day Note
R Thursday Uses “R” to prevent confusion with Tuesday.
F Friday
S Saturday The “S” is the best choice since “T” or “R” can be confused with other days.
U Sunday The letter “N” is a consonant in Monday, so the “U” is just the least-worst choice.

What does T and R mean in college?

TR refers to classes that meet on Tuesdays and Thursday. The “T” is for Tuesday, “R” is for Thursday.

What does R mean as a day?

The abbreviation for the days of the week are:

W = Wednesday. R = Thursday. F = Friday. S = Saturday.

What does day’r mean on a college schedule?

“MTWR” Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. and Thursday. “R” Thursday. “TR” Tuesday and Thursday.

What do you call Thursday?

Thursdays is of course also the plural of Thursday, the name of the weekday between Wednesday and Friday. When it’s used as an adverb, Thursdays describes when something happens or when an action is taken.

How is Thursday abbreviated?

Abbreviations: Th., Thur., Thurs. …

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Is a D+ a passing grade?

Passing grades range from A+ to D*. P is a passing grade but it does not affect the student’s scholastic index. * The C-, D+ and D grades are not considered a passing grade in certain programs.

Is 60 a passing grade in college?

However, there are some schools that consider a C the lowest passing grade, so the general standard is that anything below a 60% or 70% is failing, depending on the grading scale. In college and universities, a D is considered to be an unsatisfactory passing grade.

Is a grade D pass or fail?

Grades and the Grading System

Grade: In GPA: Description:
D yes poor (regular grade)
E yes failure (regular grade)
S no superior (alternative grade)
P no passing (alternative grade)