Are college catalogs considered legal documents?

What is a catalog? All institutions have a detailed catalog (or “bulletin”) compiled by the Office of the Registrar that lists all program and graduation requirements at the institution. This is a legal document — a kind of contract with your student.

Are college catalogs legal documents?

The college catalog is more than a document for students in a utilitarian way, however. It is a legal document whereby the college informs students about policies both at the college and state level. … It is recommended that when practices work, these be documented and adopted as part of institutional policy.

What is a college catalog?

Essentially, it is a multi-page document that lists the courses taught at a school by discipline, complete with a brief description of each course. In addition to a brief overview of the course, the written description will sometimes include the grade level, prerequisites, course length, amount of credit, etc.

What are college catalog rights?

“Catalog rights” is a term used to define the specific set of requirements ordinarily as established in the catalog for a specific year, which the student must satisfy to qualify for a degree, certificate, etc. … In order to maintain their “rights,” students must remain in continuous attendance (see definition below).

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Why is it important to utilize the undergraduate catalog?

The undergraduate catalog is an important resource for:

University Policies and Regulations. Degree and Major Information (alpha by college, school or program) Course Descriptions (alpha by subject and prefix)

Is a college catalog a contract?

In Legal Opinion 91-02, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office provided “ample authority for the proposition that a college catalog constitutes a written contract between the institution and the student where the student enters the school under the terms of the catalog.” Catalog rights, therefore, are …

Which information can a student find in a course catalog?

Here is some of the information found in a typical online university catalog:

  • Academic calendar.
  • Degrees and majors offered, with requirements.
  • Course descriptions.
  • History and general information about the school and its physical campus(es)
  • List of faculty and administration.
  • Tuition and registration information.

What is course load?

Course load refers to the number of registered course credits for a session. … For example, if you are registered in one Y term course worth six credits, then assign three credits to your fall term course load and three credits to your winter term course load.

What is a course catalog number?

The Catalog Number is the number that is associated to the class that you want to search for. For example, if you search for Accounting, the Catalog Number will begin with 10101.

What does course number mean?

Course Numbers

The second part of a college course code is a series of numbers. These are often three digits long, but many colleges use four digits (or even five). These numbers are the main way colleges organize their course catalog. No two courses at a college will share the exact same course number.

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How do I find out my catalog year?

Catalog year indicates the year that a student began studying at a particular institution. For example, if a student begins university in Fall 2020, their catalog year is 2020-2021. Students are expected to follow the curriculum requirements that were in effect for that particular school year.

How many years is your catalog year valid?

Catalogs expire every 7 years. If students are being advised on an expired catalog, when they come to clear for graduation, their records need to be updated to a newer catalog and they may be in danger of having to take more coursework.

Can I change my catalog year?

By changing catalogs, a student is responsible for fulfilling all of the graduation requirements in their newly chosen catalog year. … If you have already applied for graduation, it may not be possible to change your catalog year at that time.

What is the purpose of an academic catalog?

Purpose of a College Catalog

Catalogs provide information about a college or university for prospective students and those already enrolled at the school. You can compare information about the different schools you’re interested in attending by browsing various catalogs.