Best answer: Where do students live at UPenn?

Penn’s campus is located in the University City neighborhood of West Philadelphia. There are a wide range of housing options available in Philadelphia, and Penn GSE students live both on campus and throughout the city and nearby suburbs.

Where do Upenn students live off campus?

Off-campus housing options

Around Penn’s campus, there are a number of leasing companies and apartment buildings tailored to students, including Campus Apartments, University Enterprises, The Radian, Hamilton Court, and Chestnut Hall.

Where do Freshman live at Upenn?

Student Housing

  • 36th Street, 20 South.
  • Class of 1925 (Gregory College House)
  • Du Bois College House, W.E.B.
  • Evo at Cira Center South.
  • Harnwell College House.
  • Harrison College House.
  • Hill College House.
  • International House Philadelphia.

Is it safe around Upenn?

Generally, the campus itself is extremely safe. It is patrolled by the University police department, which is not just a security force, as well as Philadelphia police. Drexel University’s campus is immediately to the north of the Penn campus and covers several blocks.

Is Philadelphia a great city to live in?

With a growing job market and a cost of living that’s 4% below the national average, Philly is a great place to live for college students, young professionals, families with kids, and retirees alike!

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Is Upenn in the city?

Where is Penn located? Penn’s 299-acre urban campus is located in the West Philadelphia neighborhood known as University City, just across the Schuylkill River from Center City Philadelphia.

Do graduate students live on campus?

Graduate school is really tough. … However, most graduate students do not end up living on campus. The majority of grad students end up living off-campus, much more than their undergraduate counterparts.

What is the best Upenn house?

Here are some of the top ten dorms at the institution.

  • Kings Court English College House. …
  • Riepe College House.
  • Ware College House.
  • Gregory College House.
  • Harnwell College House. …
  • Harrison College House. …
  • Rodin College House. …
  • Stouffer College House.

How much do UPenn dorms cost?

Housing and meal plans are priced out separately at UPenn. The average student spent $10,600 for housing and $5,590 for dining in 2020.

UPenn Housing and Meal Plan Costs.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $16,784 $14,502
— Housing $10,600
— Meals $5,590
Other Living Expenses $2,926 $2,926

Does UPenn have good dorms?

Their rooms are nice, but if you don’t know any people, you could be put with some people you may not like. New (but small-ish) dining hall on site, and Hill’s dining hall is also like 40 seconds away. Lots of suite-style rooms but no real kitchen in rooms.

Can you choose your roommate at UPenn?

You may request one roommate, or you may apply without a roommate and the Housing Occupancy Office will use your Lifestyle Profile and College House preferences to match you with a roommate or suitemates. If you request a roommate: Make sure you list the same College House preferences in the same order.

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