Did part time student go for NYSC?

Can a part time student go for NYSC?

30-yr-olds, part-time students eligible for exemption, exclusion certificate — NYSC. Nigerians who are over 30 years old when they graduate from the university are eligible for exemption certificates, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has said.

Does unilag part time student go for NYSC?

Does UNILAG DLI Student Go for NYSC ? No. DLI graduates do not join NYSC mobilization to serve, but collect NYSC Exclusion Letters. Note: An Aspiring student can not be less than 16 years of age when applying for this programme.

Do full time polytechnic students go for NYSC?

No, a part time student in a polytechnic cannot go for NYSC.

Can 30 years go for NYSC?

Eligibility for service

To be eligible to participate in the compulsory one year service, a graduate must be below the age of 30 years upon graduation, or else he/she will be given a Certificate of Exemption, which is also equivalent to the NYSC Discharge Certificate.

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Do part time students need jamb?

All universities currently operating Part-time programmes are expected to comply with the guidelines on programme by programme basis. … All admissions into part-time programmes must be through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Do medical students go for NYSC?

The Federal Government has barred graduates of medicine from participating in the mandatory National Youth Service Corps, until after securing practising licences from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

Does yabatech do NYSC?

An alumnus of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Wusu Olusegun Olusola, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering student of 2017 B service year, has won the President’s National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Honours, in recognition of his selflessness and outstanding performance during the Youth Service.

Does UI DLC student go for NYSC?

This Simply men that all UI DLC graduates are now eligible for NYSC. It is an undeniable culture many graduates regard as indelible experiences. … This is one of the reasons why young candidates try out their luck every year to gain admission through the regular mode.

Do graduates of noun go for NYSC?

NOUN students have always and will continue to be immune to any form of strike. National Youths Service Corps Stand. … The University released a statement where it affirmed that students of NOUN can now enroll and be part of the NYSC program.

How many years is used in polytechnic?

Generally, polytechnic courses are a three year programme after completion of which candidates obtain a certificate. Polytechnic also helps students to start their career by getting a good job at a reputed company.

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How long does it take a part time student to graduate?

Obtaining a part-time bachelor’s degree will vary depending on what is required by the university and how many courses one can enroll during the year. For working students and professionals, it may take between 4-7 years to complete the degree.

What is the salary of NYSC?

National Youth Services Corps Salaries

Job Title Salary
Teacher salaries – 3 salaries reported NGN 33,000/mo
Graduate Student salaries – 3 salaries reported NGN 38,000/mo
Corps Member salaries – 3 salaries reported NGN 19,800/mo
NYSC Youth Corper salaries – 2 salaries reported NGN 41,500/mo

Can third class go for NYSC?

NYSC Presidential Award Should Not Be for Third Class Graduates – Okojie. The Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission, Prof. Julius Okojie, has called for a review of the NYSC Presidential Award scholarship scheme to include only the best graduates.

Can I get a job without NYSC certificate?

Director-General, National Youth Service Corps, Brigadier-General Shuaibu Ibrahim, has asked employers not to employ ex-corps members who do not present an authentic NYSC certificate or exemption certificate.