Frequent question: What is the tuition for Idaho State University?

Государственный университет Айдахо

How much does it cost to go to Idaho State University for 4 years?

Cost of Attendance for 2021-2022

Idaho Resident 1 Semester Non-resident Full Year
Undergraduate Tuition $3,936 $25,326
Room $1,475 $2,950
Meal Plan $1,730 $3,460
Books & supplies $550 $1100

Is Idaho State University Expensive?

ISU is one of the least expensive schools in the country and Pocatello also has a relatively low cost of living (about 89% of the national average), all of which makes our programs an affordable option for graduate school.

How much is room and board at Idaho State University?

2021-2022 Idaho State Academic Year Budgets:

Budget Group Resident Undergraduate Non-resident Graduate
Res Fees $7,872 $10,323.96
Room/Board $8,370 $8,370
Personal Expenses $3,942 $3,942
Transportation $1,908 $1,908

What SAT score do you need for Idaho State University?

Math score of at least 18 and English score of at least 18 on the ACT, AND. Redesigned SAT Total Score of at least 1030, or a math Section score of at least 520 AND a score of at least 25 on the Redesigned SAT Reading Test.

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