How do I become a PCC student?

How do I get my student ID PCC?

How can I find my Student ID number? You can find out your ID by logging into MyPCC and clicking on the ‘My Profile’ link on the Home tab. You may also see your PCC ID referenced on various letters and other information that you receive from the college.

What is a full time student at PCC?

Full-time enrollment is defined as being enrolled for at least 12 credits at every point during the term. This means that if you are registered for a class that meets for less than the standard 11-12 weeks, you may receive a reduced housing allowance for part of the term.

How can I go to PCC?

How to apply

  1. Complete the application. To apply, complete either the FAFSA or the ORSAA, depending on your immigration status. …
  2. Get admitted to PCC. If you haven’t taken a class at PCC in the last two years, you need to apply for admission. …
  3. Start checking your dashboard.

How do I register for classes at PCC?

Credit classes

You can start registering for classes as soon as your registration time opens. Log in to MyPCC and click Register for classes on the MyPCC Home tab.

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What is a PCC ID number?

It is the last eight numbers that appear on your LancerCard identification card. Your LancerPoint ID number is required to activate your LancerPoint username, which is what you will use to log in to LancerPoint and other PCC systems.

How much does 4 credits cost at PCC?

How much does it cost to go to PCC? Tuition for residents is $123 per credit. Most classes are 1 to 4 credits each.

How much is a semester at PCC?

Tuition per semester is $3,660.

How can I get PCC for free?

Under the program, students who meet eligibility requirements will receive one year of their PCC education completely free of tuition fees. Any student who graduates from a high school within PCC’s district and enrolls the Fall Semester after graduation will qualify for the program.

Is it too late to apply to PCC?

For 8-12 week classes, the late registration deadline is the second Tuesday of the term. For short-term classes, which have earlier deadlines, it is two business days after the drop deadline for the class. You cannot register for a class after the deadline.