How many college mascots are Wildcats?

Share All sharing options for: Wildcats are the 4th most common Division I mascot. In 2013-14, Division I athletics will feature ten schools using the nickname “Wildcats,” specifically: Abilene Christian, Arizona, Bethune-Cookman, Davidson, Kansas State, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Northwestern, Villanova, and Weber State …

How many NCAA teams are named Wildcats?

Number of Division One Programs Using Nickname: Nine

“Wildcats” is tied with “Bears” at nine.

What college has no official mascot?

Now that I have appeased the school, we can discuss how ridiculous it is that a tree has become associated with the school. While the origin of the non-mascot is noble, the tree itself is too goofy to be taken seriously. Stanford University is located in Palo Alto, California.

What is the most used high school mascot?


It’s no wonder the bulldog stands as of the most common high school mascots around today.

What is the most popular college nickname?

The 12 most-used names of four-year college teams (exclusive of names with attached adjectives such as “Blue”, “Golden“, “Flying” or “Fighting”): Eagles (76), Tigers (46), Bulldogs (40), Panthers (33), Knights (32), Lions (32), Bears (30), Hawks (28), Cougars (27), Pioneers (28), Warriors (27) and Wildcats (27).

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What college teams are called the Tigers?

United States

  • Auburn Tigers, team name of the Auburn University Athletics.
  • Cincinnati Bengals, a National Football League team.
  • Clemson Tigers, team name of the Clemson University Athletics.
  • Colorado College Tigers, team name of Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Detroit Tigers, a Major League baseball team.

How many colleges are called the Aggies?

In the U.S., at least eight universities still call themselves Aggies. Famous Aggie land-grant schools include UCD, Texas A & M and New Mexico State University.

What is a college mascot?

A mascot, by definition, is a representative symbol adopted by a group and supposed to bring good luck. … Here are a list of college football mascots and where they got their names.

What college has a coyote as a mascot?

Though established over fifty years ago, CSUSB has not always been represented by the Coyote as its mascot. Read on for a full history of our original mascot, school colors and how we brought Cody to life!

What colleges have a beaver mascot?

MIT first adopted the beaver as its mascot in 1914, apparently because of the animal’s excellent engineering and tech credentials, and the fact that it’s a true native of North America. California Institute of Technology’s mascot is also a beaver.