How much does a director of college admissions make?

The average College Admissions Director salary in the United States is $70,277 as of August 27, 2021, but the salary range typically falls between $58,979 and $84,704.

How much does a college admissions person make?

How much does a College Admissions Officer make in California? The average College Admissions Officer salary in California is $115,700 as of August 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $92,300 and $149,100.

What is a college admissions director?

Admissions directors manage the application process with the admissions team. They oversee and coordinate application examinations and interviews with prospective students. They evaluate the completed applications and make the final decision in admitting students.

Is college admissions a good job?

It can be a rewarding entry-level position working with prospective students, helping them make life-changing decisions. That said, there can also be some drawbacks to the role. The job of a college admissions counselor can be stressful and cause burnout.

How much does a Harvard admission officer make?

The average salary for an Admissions Officer is $45,335 per year in United States, which is 20% lower than the average Harvard University salary of $57,359 per year for this job.

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How do you become a director of admissions?

Most directors of admissions have a bachelor’s degree and several years of work in the field. Others choose to get an advanced degree, though it is not a strict requirement. At colleges and universities, you may need an advanced degree to be considered for the job.

How do I become a good admissions director?

A successful admissions director typically has good people skills and is knowledgeable about the programs she represents.

  1. Upbeat Personality. …
  2. In-Depth Program Knowledge. …
  3. Knowledge of Competitors. …
  4. Good Sales Skills. …
  5. Organization.

What does a director at a college do?

The primary responsibilities of a campus director include, but are not limited to, management of day-to-day operations for a college or university campus, development of new academic programs, supervision of faculty and student services, employee recruitment, providing oversight of academic standards, nurturing student …

How do I start a career in college admissions?


  1. Be direct in your cover letter. …
  2. Rethink your résumé. …
  3. Join the regional association for college admissions counseling (ACAC). …
  4. Contact a nearby office of admissions and ask if you can shadow some of the experiences. …
  5. Volunteer with a community-based organization (CBO) that focuses on college-bound preparation.

How do you become a college admissions officer?

Qualifications to become an admissions officer include a bachelor’s degree, though some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree and experience in financial aid and education admissions. In some cases, you may be able to substitute relevant work experience for degree requirements.

How do I get a job as an admissions counselor?

How to become an admissions counselor

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree. Most admissions counselor positions require candidates who have bachelor’s degrees. …
  2. Perform an internship. While you obtain your bachelor’s degree, look for relevant internship opportunities. …
  3. Seek employment. …
  4. Join professional organizations.
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Do admissions officers read all essays?

Admissions officers tell us they read every essay. The number of reviewers reading the essays vary from school to school.

How much do Ivy League admissions officers make?

How much does a College Admissions Officer make in the United States? The average College Admissions Officer salary in the United States is $103,400 as of July 28, 2021, but the range typically falls between $82,500 and $133,300.