Is it normal to be excited for college?

Excited, scared, anxious, apathetic—all of these feelings are normal to have about the college experience. You are not alone for feeling unenthusiastic. … Your feelings will change at some point. It will take time, but giving college a chance can lead to some pretty great opportunities.

Why you should be excited for college?

One of the main reasons to be excited for college in my opinion is the opportunity of a fresh start. In high school, you can get kind of stuck in a rut. Your group of friends, your reputation, your after school activities… they’re all pretty stagnant. … And college is where you’ll find just that!

How do you get students excited about college?

Five Ways to Get Students Excited About College

  1. Take your students on a college visit.
  2. Invite student organizations to volunteer in your classroom.
  3. Have a Career Day.
  4. Invite professionals to speak in class.
  5. Be real with your students.

How you feel on the first day of college?

First-class nervousness

It is common to feel nervous about your first day of classes. Many first-year students wonder how they will find their classes, what their studying routine should look like and how they will like their professors. These jitters quickly disappear after the first week of classes.

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What are you most excited about in your life?

Learning. What excites me most is when I feel like I’m learning something and becoming a better human being everyday, that is the core. I could mention a lot of things but the underlying thing is that if I feel I am getting better and I see that in others as well, I get excited.

What makes you nervous about college?

It’s totally normal to be nervous about starting college. Your apprehension is a sign that you are interested in doing well and are gearing up for a challenge—the most fruitful experiences are often the most challenging.

What do you look forward to the most in college?

5 Things You Have to Look Forward to in College

  • Independence. You probably know by now that in college, you may not live with your parents. …
  • Meeting new people. If in high school you wanted to be comfortable and stay with the same group of friends. …
  • Extracurricular activities. …
  • Campus traditions. …
  • Experience.

What excites you about going to university?

Making new friends and meeting like-minded people

Looking forward to making new and lasting friendships and maybe even reconnecting with old friends I haven’t really talked to in a while. Probably just to meet likeminded people! Having discussions and working/socialising alongside them!

Where should I sit on the first day of college?

Sit up front

This may seem odd, but in fact it is better to sit in the front or closer to the front rather than in the back. In the front, your instructor can see you better, but you can also see and hear them better with fewer distractions then if you are in the back of the class.

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How can I be confident on the first day of college?

15 Ways to Boost Your Confidence at College

  1. Turn off the little voice. …
  2. Realize you’re not alone. …
  3. Take something you’re good at. …
  4. Start small. …
  5. Reward achievements. …
  6. Make all the classes. …
  7. Take a small class. …
  8. Get feedback early.