What does your ACT score have to be to get into Missouri State University?

Missouri State admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 88%. Students that get into Missouri State have an average SAT score between 1040-1240 or an average ACT score of 21-27. The regular admissions application deadline for Missouri State is rolling.

Does Missouri State University require ACT scores?

Missouri State University is temporarily waiving the requirement of an ACT or SAT score for freshman applicants. Students applying for freshman admission with no ACT/SAT score, or those with low test scores, can now be considered for admission.

Can I get into Missouri State with a 2.5 GPA?

If you have a high school cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher, then you meet the selection index requirements and a test score is not needed for admission purposes. If you do not have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher, please refer to the Selection Index section of this policy.

Is Missouri State hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Missouri State University is 84%.

In other words, of 100 students who apply, 84 are admitted. This means the school is not selective. As long as you don’t fall way below average, you’ll likely get in.

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Does Missouri State take a+?

Students must apply for admission and submit the Missouri State A+ Recognition Scholarship Application by June 1 for full consideration. A final high school transcript verifying A+ certification is also required to confirm eligibility.

What GPA is required for Missouri?

Average GPA: 3.52

With a GPA of 3.52, University of Missouri – Columbia requires you to be around average in your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, and very few C’s. If you have a lower GPA, you can compensate with harder courses like AP or IB classes.

Is Missouri State test optional?

Missouri State adopts superscores, test-optional policies for freshman admissions. Student-friendly changes follow national trends. … The university will now accept ACT or SAT superscores and adopted a test-optional policy for students who have a 3.25 high school GPA or higher.

How long does it take to hear back from Missouri State?

After you apply

Expect to receive an email acknowledgement of your submitted application and an admission decision within 8-10 business days following the receipt of all required documents. Decisions may take longer during peak application times.

What SAT score is required for Missouri State?

Admission information for other student groups

ACT Composite SAT Total* HiSET
21 1060 59 – 62
22 1100 54 – 58
23 1130 50 – 53
24 1160 Passing scores required

What Colleges Can you get into with a 2.5 GPA?

What colleges can I get into with a 2.5 GPA? Bowie State University, Fisher College, and Miles College accept students with an average GPA of 2.5. There are plenty of other institutions to consider, so take a look at the full list!

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