Where do you park when visiting UCLA?

Location Current Rate Range Time Limits
Parking Lot LS (On Charles E. Young Dr. East) expires at 6:59 a.m. $1.00 – $8.00 (20 min – 2 hours) $10 – $14 (2.5 hours – 3 hours) $20.00 (All Day) One Day
Parking Structure RC expires at 6:59 a.m. $1.00 – $9.00 (20 min – 3 hours) $20.00 (All Day) One Day

Is UCLA enforcing parking?

Parking Enforcement Officers protect approximately 23,000 parking spaces for permit holders and daily parking customers. … Parking at UCLA is regulated by the California Vehicle Code and UCLA Parking Rules and Regulations. UCLA parking policies are designed to maximize service and availability to our parking customers.

Can you bring your car to UCLA?

UCLA Safe Ride provides complimentary safe, reliable, evening campus transportation between campus buildings, on-campus housing, and nearby residential areas.

How much is parking at UCLA Medical Center?

Patient Parking

Type Rate
24-Hour All Day Visitor Parking $24
7-Consecutive Day ($84 Savings) $84
15-Consecutive Day ($210 Savings) $150
25-Consecutive Day ($400 Savings) $200

How do you pay for parking at UCLA?

Self-Service Pay Stations:

  1. All self-service pay stations use pay-by-plate technology.
  2. Once parked, go to the nearest parking pay station.
  3. Enter your license plate number. …
  4. Choose the amount of time that you would like to spend on campus.
  5. Pay using exact cash amount or with a credit card.
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How much does parking cost at UC?


Students 2019 (1 Jan – 31 Dec) 2020 (1 Jan – 31 Dec)
Quarterly permit $118.75 $118.75
Monthly permit* $39.60 $39.60
Daily coupon $8.00 per day $8.00 per day
Short term pay and display $3.00 per hour $3.00 per hour

What happens if you don’t pay a UCLA parking ticket?

It will accumulate late fees over the period of a year and then when it come to pay for your car’s registration you will not be able to renew the registration until you pay the ticket and all the fees it accumulated. Pay your ticket and be careful not to get another one. You can always go to court over the ticket.

Can I go to UCLA without a car?

Think you can’t get anywhere without a car in LA? Seven public transit agencies serve the UCLA campus and can take you to the hottest spots in LA with subsidized passes for eligible UCLA students and employees . …

Can you bring a car to UCLA as a freshman?

You can have a car, but if you live on campus you can’t have on campus parking. The school might not provide parking, but there’s lots of other ways to park. …

Can freshmen bring cars to UC Berkeley?

The average student at Berkeley pays a whopping amount for tuition. If you plan on having a car in the city, the price spikes up even more – not to mention all the risk involved in actually owning a car in Berkeley.

How far is UCLA from the beach?

UCLA’s 419-acre campus sits at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, just five miles from the Pacific Ocean.

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Does UCLA Medical Center allow visitors?

DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, VISITORS ARE STRICTLY LIMITED IN THE HOSPITAL. PLEASE SEE OUR COVID-19 PAGE FOR CURRENT INFORMATION. Family and friends are an important part of the patient care experience and we encourage you to have family and friends visit you during your stay at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.