Who was the principal of Nalanda University?

Explanation: Dharmapala was a native of Kanchipuram and he became the head of the Nalanda University.

Who was the principal of Nalanda University in the period of Harsh Vardhan?

5. Shilbhadar was the principal of Nalanda university in the period of Harshvardhan.

Who visited Nalanda at Harsha?

“Hieun Tsang”visited Nalanda University during the region of King Harsha.

What were the main features of Harsha administration?

Main Features of Harsha’s Administration

  • The King: Harsha was a true representative of ancient monarchy in its finest aspects. …
  • The Council of Ministers: During the time of Harsha his Council of Ministers worked in an effective manner. …
  • The Bureaucracy: …
  • Revenue System: …
  • Administrative Divisions of the Empire: …
  • Penal System:

Where is TakshaShila now?

In 1980, Taxila was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


View of the Dharmarajika, an ancient stupa
Taxila Shown within Pakistan Show map of Pakistan Show map of Gandhara Show all
Location Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates 33°44′45″N 72°47′15″ECoordinates: 33°44′45″N 72°47′15″E
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