You asked: Are student beans safe?

Student Beans is the most secure way to run your student loyalty program. Our student verification software ensures only genuine students are able to use your discounts, preventing offer leakage.

Can student beans be trusted?

Working with 71% of the top 100 youth brands offering a student discount, Student Beans are trusted more than any other student loyalty platform.

Is UNiDAYS a legit website?

UNIDAYS is a student-only shopping app used by over 13 million college students. UNIDAYS is a student-only shopping app used by over 13 million college students. … This privately held company is headquartered in Nottingham, England, and its app is available on campuses in 114 countries.

Does student beans Contact your school?

When you sign up to Student Beans we collect personal data about you so that we can provide you with the services offered on the Site, such as: … Information relating to your student status such as your school, college or university.

Is student beans different to UNiDAYS?

Student Beans offers similar deals as UNiDAYS. You may see several retailers advertising their services with either one or the other brands. For example, with Student Beans you can get offers from McDonalds whereas UNiDAYS have teamed up with Burger King. Student Beans uses the same verification function as UNiDAYS.

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Is student beans only for UK?

Yes, our app is currently available in the UK, US, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia. You can download it on the App Store for iOS devices and Play Store for Android devices.

How long does student beans take to verify?

Manual verification can take up to 3 days to confirm as our support team needs to review each application, so please be patient with us. If you haven’t heard back from us within that timeframe please reach out to us on

How does UNiDAYS verify you are a student?

You can create an account with your personal email address to start, but to verify your student status you’ll have to provide your institution name and your student email address. Otherwise, you can authorize via your student portal. Unidays will give you both options.

How do you know if you won UNiDAYS?

UNiDAYS, 8 months ago

We know you love comps and this is the place to check to see if you’re a lucky winner! A member of the ANZ marketing team will usually contact you on your email to let you know you’ve won, but in case you missed it, check out the winners of each competition we run below.

How long does it take for UNiDAYS to verify?

UNiDAYS may take up to 1-2 days to verify your ID card. You can also get the student discount without UNiDAYS- more on it below.

Can high schoolers use student beans?

Anyone over the age of 16 and in full-time education including uni, college, sixth form, and high school can use Student Beans.

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Do I use my school email for student beans?

When signing up to Student Beans make sure you use your email address given to you by your school, college or university, and not a personal or home address.