Are mini fridges allowed at university?

Do universities allow mini fridges?

While having a mini fridge or toastie maker in your room is very tempting, it’s really not that necessary to bring those things with you. Chances are your university probably won’t let you bring them anyway, due to fire safety rules, so this is something you should check.

What can you not bring to university?

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, here are 18 things you should leave at home when you move to uni this September.

  • 1) Pets. Let’s get the tough bit out of the way first. …
  • 2) Ashtrays. Most halls and purpose-built student accommodation are no-smoking zones. …
  • 3) Speakers. …
  • 4) Candles. …
  • 5) Stationery. …
  • 6) Car. …
  • 7) Kettle. …
  • 8) Books.

What appliances are not allowed in college dorms?

Banned Electronics in College Dorms

  • Multi-head lamps with plastic shades.
  • String lights, such as miniature Christmas lights.
  • Extension cords.
  • Cooking appliances, such as hot plates and toaster ovens.
  • Air conditioners or space heaters.
  • Electric blankets.
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Can you bring your own bed to uni?

Obviously you don’t need to bring your own bed to Uni but the other furniture provided does sometimes vary.

What are you not allowed in uni accommodation?

Things you must not bring with you when you move into your accommodation

  • iron.
  • kettle.
  • toaster.
  • deep-fat fryer.
  • microwave oven.
  • fridge.
  • freezer.
  • washing machine.

Are mini fridges worth it?

Try purchasing a mini-fridge if you’re ever concerned about your electric utility bills. The minor power reduces energy consumption dramatically. The majority of mini-refrigerators have energy-saving features, making them highly energy-efficient.

Are mini fridges expensive to run?

In general, most mini fridges cost less than $50 per year to run. In fact, if you purchase an efficient mini fridge, you’re looking at closer to $20-$30 per year. The cost of running a mini fridge depends on how much power it consumes.

What should I know before going to university?

10 Things You Should Do Before Going To University

  • Arrange awesome accommodation. …
  • Dominate your student finances. …
  • Stay organised and decide what to take. …
  • Work out your transport. …
  • Get to know your new area. …
  • Learn some essential cooking skills. …
  • “Meet” your future flatmates. …
  • Get ready for freshers week.

What do I need for my first year at uni?

University checklist

  • bed linen, including sheets, duvet, blankets, pillows and pillowcases.
  • towels.
  • clothes for all seasons, plus smart wear.
  • coat hangers.
  • extension lead.
  • socket adaptor (for international students)
  • personal items such as toiletries.
  • kitchen items and some food to keep you going for the first week.
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Can you order stuff to your dorm?

No matter what the purchase, you can ship it to your college. At Dorm Co we are often asked, “Can I ship it to my college dorm address?” The Answer: ABSOLUTELY.

Can I have a microwave in my dorm?


Having a dependable microwave is another must-have dorm appliance. Sure, your dorm will probably have a microwave in the common area, but most likely, it’s going to be an old model that probably doesn’t work as effectively as the one you bring yourself.

Are mini fridges allowed in UCLA dorms?

One (1) mini refrigerator is allowed per room and may not be operated in a closet or enclosed area. All refrigerators must be less than six (6) cubic feet, be U.L. Approved, and be in good working condition. Refrigerators must be emptied and unplugged during the winter recess.