Best answer: Do I apply to Student Finance Wales or England?

So, if you normally live in Wales, you’ll apply for funding from Student Finance Wales – no matter where in the UK you’re planning to study.

How much student finance do I get in Wales?

Every eligible new full-time undergraduate will receive a minimum grant of £1,000 a year to help with living costs, topped up with a loan if needed. Part-time students will receive equivalent support on a pro-rata basis. Students from homes with a lower household income may be eligible for a larger grant.

Do Welsh students pay tuition fees in Wales?

Subject to terms and conditions, students who live in Wales and are studying towards their first degree will not have to pay their tuition fees upfront.

How do student loans work in Wales?

Student finance in Wales for 2021/22

If your course is longer than 30 weeks and three days in the year, you can get an additional amount of loan. In Wales, the fixed rate of loan per week is: £89 – if you’re living with your parents. £172 – if you’re living in London.

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Is studying in Wales cheaper than England?

Studying for a degree at university in England could soon become much cheaper than studying at university in Wales. … University fees for a full time undergraduate course in Wales are currently £9,000, slightly lower than the £9,250 cap in England.

How many years can you get Student Finance Wales?

If you changed course or are repeating a year

For example, if you’re applying for a 4 year course but have studied 2 years previously, you’ll get 3 years of funding. If you do not have enough years of funding to cover your course, you’ll need to pay for the extra years yourself before you can get any student finance.

What evidence do I need to send off for student finance?

You don’t need to send any evidence of household income when you first apply. Your parents and partner can simply provide their income and National Insurance Number. Later in the process, you might be asked to provide evidence like payslips or P60s to prove your parents’ or partner’s income.

What do Welsh students pay tuition fees?

Welsh students studying a full-time degree course can be charged up to £9,000 a year in tuition fees by universities and colleges in their home country. However, if you’re a Welsh student and you choose to study in England, Northern Ireland or Scotland, the maximum fee you could pay rises to £9,250 a year.

How much maintenance loan do I get Wales?

Students living at home are entitled to a maximum amount of maintenance support of £8,790. The maximum grant is £6,885. This is reduced by £1 for every additional £6.937 of income above £18,370. The balance to the maximum amount of £8,790 can be taken as loan.

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What grants are available for Welsh students?

Fees, loans and grants

  • Welsh Government Learning Grant (WGLG) – To help with living costs such as food and rent – this does not need to be paid back. …
  • Special Support Grant (SSG) – For students in more unique circumstances such as being a single parent or having a disability.

Can you get more than 4 years student finance?

SFE provide funding for the normal length of a course plus one extra year. For example, a three-year degree course would attract four years of funding. The additional year is known as a “gift year”.

Can I email Student Finance Wales?

Email. Email the EMA Wales customer service team at

Do you have to pay for college in Wales?

If you’re aged between 16 and 18 you usually won’t have to pay tuition fees. You may also be eligible for: Education Maintenance Allowance.

Is it cheaper to go to university in Wales?

Tuition at Welsh universities is slightly (and we mean slightly) cheaper than elsewhere in the UK, with the annual limit for UK students capped at £9,000 (in the rest of the UK it’s £9,250). In the past, Welsh students have been able to apply for a grant that covered around half of this sum.

Can I get funding for a second degree Wales?

You can finance the difference between the two amounts with a tuition fee loan from Student Finance Wales. Your living cost support will be the same as that received in year 5 by students doing medicine as a first degree.

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Is education free in Wales?

Further education

A Welsh Government subsidy means that Welsh students do not have to pay full university fees, which can reach £9,000 per year in England. Currently, Welsh students pay around £3,500 wherever in the UK they attend university.