Best answer: What is flex money in college?

Universities and other schools will use flex dollar accounts to facilitate students’ purchase of food and snacks under the school’s meal plan. Flex dollars are usually intended for in-between-meal food purchases. … Debit cards that carry flex dollars eliminate the need for students to carry cash for small purchases.

What is flex money?

Flex dollars are a form of payment used at large institutions, especially universities. … Flex dollars are not common tender, but rather scrip or local currency that can be used to purchase items such as food, snacks, and school supplies. In insurance, flex dollars are used to assign values to an employee’s benefits.

Where are flex dollars accepted?

Accepted Flex Locations

Flex is accepted at several local businesses including grocery stores, restaurants, health and drug stores, school supply/home furnishings stores, and Student Advantages.

What can flex dollars be used for?

Flex dollars, which must be spent on food or drink, may be used at all dining venues in Bone Student Center; Starbucks in the Student Fitness Center; Subway shops located on campus; sandwich shops located in the State Farm Hall of Business and Centennial Hall, and vending machines in the residential areas.

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How do I check my flex balance?

There are three ways for an employee to check their Flex Visa Card balance:

  1. Call our office (1-800-383-1623)
  2. Access your online account.
  3. Use the app, Advanatage Administrators, on your smart phone.

What is flex in social media?

On social media and YouTube, this is commonly referred to as “flexing.” Artists have flexed in their lyrics and music videos for a long time, talking about how much money they make, or how many cars they have.

Can you use flex dollars at the bookstore?

The Flex Dollar program enables students to use their Pace One Card at local restaurants and eateries within the immediate areas of our New York and Westchester campus locations. Flex Dollars are also accepted in all of our on campus dining locations and in the bookstore.

How do I add flex dollars?

How do I add additional Flex Dollars? Go online to to add them with a credit card or charge to your Student Account. You can also come by the MSU Dining Office and pay with cash, credit, check, or Student Account charge.

Where can I spend my Berkeley flex dollars?

Use your flex dollars in the dining commons, campus restaurants, convenience stores, concession stands, and for guest meals in the dining commons.

Which meal plan is best UIUC?

The most popular meal plan is the one where students choose 10 meals and 45 meal credits per week (aka 10/45). This is a good option because most students find themselves eating out or just having a snack and not using all of their meals during the week.

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What is a meal plan block?

Block Meal Plans

The more meals you purchase the lower the cost per meal. Student Block Meal plans expire at the end of each academic year. Meals may be used in the dining hall and will be deducted from your balance.