Can students edit work on seesaw?

If item editing is enabled for your class, students can edit their own posts in 1:1 Devices Sign in Mode or Google Sign in Mode or when using Home Learning Codes. Students can tap the […] button below a post and choose ‘Edit Item. ‘ They can make their edits and resubmit the post for teacher approval.

Can students edit a PDF in seesaw?

Students can use any of the tools in Seesaw to complete the PDF pages. I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Can students collaborate on an assignment in seesaw?

Seesaw is a learning platform which makes it possible for each student to have a collaborative learning journal, with the option to share content with other students in class and the teacher.

Can I add a PDF to seesaw?

Seesaw supports adding photos, videos, audio files, drawings, notes, PDFs, and links into Seesaw journals. You can also add work created using Google apps like Docs, Slides or Sheets directly into Seesaw portfolios!

Can students communicate with each other on Seesaw?

There are two ways to message in Seesaw. Announcements are a great way to reach all families or students in a class, or you can message families privately through the Inbox. … Under the ‘Send to…‘ drop down menu, select ‘All Students,’ ‘All Families,’ or ‘All Students and Families.

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How do you add collaborators to a Seesaw?

Tap your Profile Icon and select the class you want to add a co-teacher to. Tap the wrench in the top right corner and tap ‘Manage Teachers’. Tap on ‘Invite Teachers’, type in your co-teacher’s email address, and tap Send. Your co-teacher will receive an email with a special invite link.

How do you send an assignment back to a students seesaw?

Turn any piece of student work into a draft, so students can review and improve their work prior to posting to their journal. In the approval queue, tap ‘Send Back’ to send student work back to the student. Teachers can also use the comment tool to leave feedback on work in progress.

Can you Unsubmit on seesaw?

You can now edit or delete a message or announcement as a teacher! Tap […] next to a message to edit, copy, or delete that message. You can only edit or delete messages you have written.

Can a student delete an activity on seesaw?

If you no longer want to share your activity in the Seesaw Community Library, you can remove it at any time. To remove your activity from the Seesaw Community Library: Click the activity you would like to remove. Click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner.

How can a student delete a seesaw class?

Tap your profile photo in the top left corner and then tap the Gear icon. Then tap Account Settings. Scroll down and tap on Manage Archived Classes, then delete the class.

Can you edit seesaw activities?

You can edit the Activity name, student instructions, examples, student templates and add teacher notes or Skills (if you are using our premium services, Seesaw Plus or Seesaw for Schools). … Tap ‘Assign’ to choose the classes and students you would like to share the activity with.

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