Does Berry College have a curfew?

Of the eight schools in the Southern Athletic Association (SAA), Berry College is one of only two that enforce a gender-based curfew on all students. … The policies of these peer institutions maintain student safety without compromising freedom of choice.

Is Berry College a dry campus?

Social Life. Berry and Hendrix differ dramatically when it comes to social life. At Hendrix, the social scene is dominated by drinking and partying; Berry, on the other hand, is a dry campus, so its social activities take on a very different tone.

Is Berry College requiring Covid vaccine?

We continue to strongly encourage vaccination against COVID-19. We encourage employees and students, in consultation with their health professionals, to be fully vaccinated before the start of the fall semester. If you are still considering getting the vaccine before returning to campus, please do so immediately.

Do freshmen have to live on campus at Berry College?

Berry College is a residential college and students are expected to live on-campus all four years unless given permission to do otherwise. This housing contract is binding for the entire academic year and may not be terminated by the student.

Is Berry College an Ivy League?

Berry College is named number 89 among top colleges in the South. … 1, Williams College is 2014′s leading higher education institution in the U.S., followed by Stanford University and Swarthmore College. The first Ivy League school to show, Princeton University, comes in at No.

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Can you visit Berry College?

Tours of the Berry College campus are available with advance reservation and feature notable sights such as the Berry College Chapel, Roosevelt Cabin, and The Ford Complex. Please call (706) 368-2876 for more information and to book a campus tour.

Can you drive around Berry College?

All campus visitors also have their driver’s license scanned at the front gate – this helps us confirm that you have an appointment with us and know who is on campus in case of an emergency. At this time, all visitors must have a confirmed appointment in order to visit campus.

How much are dorms at Berry College?

Room and Board

Traditional Residence Hall Rooms Townhouses & Thomas Berry Suites
Unlimited $13,620 1 $14,970
Any 14 $12,710 2 $14,060
Any 10 $11,700 3 $13,050
Flex Bucks 50 N/A $10,800 4

Does Berry College have a dress code?

Traditionally, female students dress in a pastel pink (blue, if senior) dress or skirt and blouse; the male students wear a light blue shirt (white, if senior) and dark trousers. These colors represent the uniforms worn by past Berry students.

Does Berry College allow dogs?

Can I bring my pet? Fish are the only pets allowed. Aquariums are limited to 20 gallons and must be well maintained. During Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks all electrical appliances (including aquarium equipment) must be disconnected.