Frequent question: What ACT score do you need for SIUE?

Students must have earned at least a 25 composite ACT score (1150 SAT) and at least a 3.25 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale) to be eligible for direct admission to the program. This admission is contingent upon the student meeting state and program-specific retention requirements while a student at SIUE.

Is it hard to get into SIUE?

The acceptance rate at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is 87.4%. For every 100 applicants, 87 are admitted. This means the school is lightly selective. The school will have their expected requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

Is SIUE safe?

SIUE was No. 2 in Illinois and ranked ahead of all institutions in Missouri. Since 2010, SIUE has consistently been rated highly for its safe campus environment by a variety of organizations, including the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

What is SIUE known for?

SIUE is a nationally recognized university that provides students with a high-quality, affordable education that prepares them for successful careers and lives of purpose to shape a changing world.

Is SIUE a good school?

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) is a great university. … With strong learning and great athletics, SIUE also offers excellent campus and student life. The university makes its students top priority.

How many years of Spanish do you need for SIUE?

High school students who plan to major in International Studies at SIUE are highly recommended to complete at least three to four years of a foreign language.

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