How do I get into Woodhouse College?

Can I get into Woodhouse College?

Yes, by filling a ‘New Application’ form which can be downloaded from our website. You then need to scan and email the completed form and a copy of your statement of results to You must still have met our minimum entry criteria, and we would need to see a school reference or report.

What grades do you need to get into Woodhouse?

Minimum criteria for entry 2021:

  • At least a GCSE Grade 5 in English Language and Grade 5 in Mathematics.
  • 8/7/6 grades in subjects needed for your particular A level programme, as specified in the prospectus andon the college website.

Is Woodhouse a good school?

Woodhouse College is a highly popular and successful Sixth Form College on a pleasant campus in North London. Our success rates and A/B pass rates at A Level regularly put us in the top five colleges in England.

Does Woodhouse College have a dress code?

You must: Dress in a manner that is appropriate for an academic environment. Treat all members of the College community with respect and courtesy. … Wear your College ID visibly at all times when on the campus.

What rank is Greenhead College?

Top 50 colleges

Rank College Score
1 Hills Road Sixth Form College 28.47
2 Greenhead College 25.2
3 Woodhouse College 24.13
4 King Edward VI College Stourbridge 23.91

Why should I study at Woodhouse College?

Woodhouse College will provide you with a broad and challenging educational experience that meets your individual needs and aspirations. Most students study three A level subjects. A few will take four subjects. A levels are two-year courses, and students no longer drop a subject when they go into Year 13.

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