How do you say I am a female student in German?

How do you say I am a Student female in German?

In German, a Student or Studentin is a male or female person attending a university or another institution of higher education. When referring to pupils in elementary, junior high, or high schools, the terms Schüler (masculine) and Schülerin (feminine) are used.

What do you call a female Studentin German?

For “Student” it’s masculinum, so you should use masculinum. Der Student is “the student” – both male and female. Die Studentin is “the female student” – only female.

How do you say I am a Studentin German?

German phrase for I am a student is Ich bin Student – YouTube.

How do you say girl power in German?

girl power [coll.] Girlpower {f} [ugs.]

How do you say I am a college student in German?

in German. Ich bin Student.

What is in in German?

The meaning of “in” in German

in means “in” in English. The preposition in is in the group of preposition that can be accusative or dative, depending on the meaning of the clause.

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