How does Facebook affect students academic performance?

The results show that students use Facebook for entertainment, relaxing/escaping, and passing time, but not for socialising and social information. Spending time on Facebook has a positive effect on their academic performance, which indicated that the time spent on Facebook did not affect their education.

Does Facebook Affect students performance during examinations?

Karpinski and Duberstein (2009) studies demonstrated that “long hours spent on Facebook seem to decrease students’ study time”. Bedassa (2014) conducted a study and findings of study shows that time spent on Facebook and addiction have harmfully and significantly impact the academic performance of the students.

How does social media affect academic performance of students?

Past studies have found that students who spend more time on social media sites are likely to demonstrate poor academic performance. This is because they spend time chatting online and making friends on social media sites instead of reading books.

What is the relationship between Facebook and academic performance?

The research also indicates that the use of Facebook for general purposes does not have a negative effect on the students’ academic performance. Students from the groups with higher and lower success used Facebook with approximately the same frequency, and spent approximately the same amount of time on the site.

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What are the negative effects of social media on students academic performance?

More time spent on social networking sites affects the study timings in a negative sense, thus affecting the study outcome and academic performance. So overall, 71% of students agreed upon the fact that social networking addiction harms studies as it decreases the net time of studies and also, produces poor results.

What are the negative effects of Facebook on students?

Beside the benefits of Facebook use, negative impacts of its use have also been identified, including: impaired academic performance, health problems, personal relationship problems and social dysfunction. For example, a number of studies have reported the ways in which Facebook usage impairs students‟ lives.

What is the effect of Facebook addiction?

Burning eyes (21 %), disturbed sleep (19 %), and headache (16 %) were the most common adverse health effects reported by the facebook users. Many students (71.4 %) tried and most of them (68.7 %) succeeded, in reducing time spent on facebook, to allow for increased time devoted to their studies.

How does media affect academic life?

The study found that students who spent the most time using social media had “fewer academic behaviors, such as completing homework and attending class, lower academic confidence and more problems affecting their school work, like lack of sleep and substance abuse.”

How social media works in academic writing How does social media affect academic performance?

The students are victims of social networks more often than others. …  Students involved in activities on social media sites during the study resulted in a reduction in their focus of attention. This causes a decrease in their academic performance, and concentration to learn as well.

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What is the impact of Facebook on today’s society?

. Surveys showed that when you are consistently being updated with your friends news, it has led to a decrease in the traditional communication methods. This also shows how quickly one update from one single person can be spread through their whole social network .

How does social media addiction affect us?

Excessive social media use can not only cause unhappiness and a general dissatisfaction with life in users but also increase the risk of developing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

What is the impact of Facebook on human communities?

The results show that social media like FB brings positive impact towards family members; it would help to build a better and harmonic society; and, relationships among family members and communication shall be improved and enhanced to the level of a united society.