How many students live on campus at Clayton State University?

Clayton State University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,368, with a gender distribution of 31% male students and 69% female students. At this school, 18% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 82% of students live off campus.

Are freshmen required to live on campus at Clayton State?

All first-time and transferring* freshman students (registering for 12 credit hours or more) are required to live on-campus in Laker Hall for the fall and spring semesters, unless qualified for an exemption (refer to chart and exemption process below).

Does Clayton State University have dorms?

Clayton State University Room and Board Expenses

Clayton State University offers students both housing and dining options. The on-campus housing expense for any typical student was $6,528 in 2020, and the cost of a typical dining plan was $3,870.

Is Clayton State a black school?

Clayton State University is ranked 1,628 out of 3,790 when it comes to the racial/ethnic diversity of the students.

Clayton State University Racial Demographics:

Race/Ethnicity Number
Black or African American 4,287
White 1,141
Hispanic 530
Asian 440

Can freshman have cars at Clayton State University?

Are first-year students permitted to have a car on campus? Yes. All residential students are permitted to have a vehicle on campus.

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Does Clayton State have a football team?

Intramural ports include: flag football, dodgeball, basketball, indoor/outdoor soccer, volleyball, kickball, and many more! The Intramural Sports program offers a wide variety of activities for currently enrolled Clayton State University students, faculty, and staff members. All intramural sports are free of charge.

Is Clayton State Safe?

YES! Clayton State University is a safe campus. That does not mean that crime does not occur. The Department of Public Safety asks that you use common sense crime prevention techniques to lessen your chance of becoming a victim.

Is Clayton State good?

Within Georgia, Clayton State University Offers Average Quality for a Fair Price. Clayton State University is ranked #32 out of #56 in Georgia for quality and #26 out of #46 for Georgia value. This makes it average quality for a fair price in the state.

Is Clayton State University a good college?

Clayton State University Rankings

Clayton State University is ranked #103-#133 in Regional Universities South. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.