How much does the president of a public university make?

How much does a university president get paid?

College President Salary

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile College President Salary $232,347 US
50th Percentile College President Salary $305,815 US
75th Percentile College President Salary $425,260 US
90th Percentile College President Salary $534,008 US

Who is the highest-paid university president?

The highest-paid university president in the ranking is the former president of Bryant University, Ronald K. Machtley. He stepped down this past summer, but he made $6,283,616 in 2017 — or 50 times what the average professor earns at the university.

How much does president of Harvard make?

Other reported University administrators making more than $500,000 in total salary and benefits in 2018 include President Lawrence S. Bacow, who began his term on July 1, 2018, and earned $570,072; vice president and chief financial officer Thomas J. Hollister; senior vice president and general counsel Robert W.

Why do university presidents get paid so much?

Not entirely coincidentally, so are college presidents’ salaries. … Translation: College presidents are paid handsomely because they have the power to demand it. Higher education is in a period of upheaval—culturally, as well as financially—and leading a university is arguably a tougher job than it has been in decades.

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What is the highest position in a university?

Professor. A professor is the highest academic title held at a college, university, or postsecondary institution. Professors are accomplished and recognized academics — and usually considered experts in their areas of interest. A professor teaches upper-level undergraduate classes as well as graduate courses.

How much do Deans make?

An experienced Academic Dean with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of AU$131,500 based on 5 salaries. In their late career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of AU$193,814.

What is the average salary of a university provost?

The salaries of College Provosts in the US range from $227,895 to $315,038 , with a median salary of $252,705 . The middle 50% of College Provosts makes between $253,155 and $273,037, with the top 83% making $315,038.

How much does the president of Yale make?

Executives Listed on Filing

Name Title Total Salary
Peter Salovey Trustee & President $1,422,860
Khalid M Abbed Chief, Neurosurgery Spine $1,380,613
Alan Forman Director, Investments $1,324,422
Charles Fuchs Director, Yale Cancer Center $1,282,223

How much does the president of Clarkson university make?

Executives Listed on Filing

Name Title Total Salary
Anthony Collins President $827,864
James Bonner Chief Research Officer $435,233
William Jemison Dean of School of Engineering $291,014
Charles Thorpe Interim Dean of Ars & Sciences $286,870

How much does a dean at Harvard make?

Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria was the highest-paid dean at Harvard University, earning $904,506 in fiscal 2019, according to a recent university tax filing with the government.

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How much does a teacher at Harvard make?

Harvard professors make the most out of all Ivy League professors. They earn an average of $226,394 each year. Student tuition is $50,420 per year and total student enrollment is 31,120.

Do you need a PhD to be a college president?

As a college president you need a wise person who knows education and is a good administrator. … Earned doctoral degrees – most often the PhD, but alternatively degrees in law, medicine, divinity, science, or education – are today almost mandatory for would-be college or university presidents.