Is Longwood University an all girl school?

Longwood University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 3,859, with a gender distribution of 32% male students and 68% female students. At this school, 59% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 41% of students live off campus.

Is Longwood a girls school?

Longwood University is a public university in Farmville, Virginia.

Longwood University.

Former names Farmville Female Seminary, Farmville Female College, Farmville College, State Female Normal School, State Normal School for Women, State Teachers College, Longwood College

Is Longwood University hard to get into?

The school has a 90% acceptance rate ranking it #38 in Virginia for lowest rate of acceptance. Last year, 3,983 out of 4,431 applicants were admitted making Longwood University an easy school to get into with a very good chance of acceptance assuming you meet the requirements.

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