What are some high expectations for students?

What are examples of high expectations?

For example, you might give a student a range of possible next steps, and say, “We could work on this or we could work on that, what would you like to work on?” Students are empowered and motivated to make progress in their learning, at exactly the moment that they are ready: high expectations.

What are the expectations of students?

Students are expected to:

  • Attend school every day and be on time for every class.
  • Resolve differences with others in a positive, non-violent way.
  • Remain drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.
  • Adhere to the school dress code.
  • Respect school property and the property of others.

How do you convey high expectations to students?


  1. Communicate clear expectations. Be specific in what you expect students to know and be able to do.
  2. Create an environment in which there is genuine respect for students and a belief in their capability. Encourage students to meet expectations for a particular task. Offer praise when standards are me.

Why are high expectations important for students?

Why are high expectations important? High expectations promote both students’ academic achievement and their wellbeing. Research shows that the expectations of teachers, parents and peers affect students’ self-esteem, feelings of self-efficacy and their academic motivation.

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What are high expectations?

Your expectations are your strong hopes or beliefs that something will happen or that you will get something that you want.

What are common learning expectations?

Students will analyze, interpret, evaluate and think logically to solve problems using a variety of resources and strategies. Students will communicate effectively to a variety of audiences. Students will develop skills and knowledge to reach personal and career goals. …

What are some expectations for college?

College Expectations

  • In college, you are expected to take responsibility for your education. …
  • Organize your time and tasks. …
  • You should set a goal to attend every class in every subject. …
  • Know the name and course number of your classes and also the name of your instructor.

How do you set expectations in the classroom?

Invite key stakeholders from across your school to create your behavior expectations. Each desired behavior should be observable, measurable, objective and specific. Defining behaviors in this way also makes it much easier to model them for students, so they can see concrete examples of what they’re expected to do.

Why do we have high expectations?

Setting goals (or expectations) motivates us, excites us, and makes us want to push ourselves to grow. Managing expectations is not always going to be easy, since there are good and bad sides to having them. We should always remember that certain things might be in our control, while many might not.