What GPA do you need to get into RCC?

Key requirements include: GPA of 3.7 or higher for Campuswide Honors Program admission.

What does your GPA have to be to go to RCC?

A 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) on the most recent transcript, college or high school. A 2.5 GPA must be maintained throughout the admissions process.

Does RCC require SAT?

Step 2: Acceptance by RCC Also, after applying to the university, to receive their admission decision, students are needed to submit the following documents: Essay Submission, Transcripts or academic records, and Official SAT Test Score (SAT RCC Code: 4658).

Is RCC a good nursing school?

NursingProcess.org, a website that compiles nursing education and career information data, ranked RCC’s program as second out of 153 New York State Board of Nursing approved schools to pursue an associate degree program in nursing.

What is the minimum GPA to join?

For even mildly selective schools (think 60-80 percent acceptance), you should have at least a 3.0 unweighted GPA. Once you start thinking about even more selective colleges (less than 60 percent acceptance), GPA standards are usually around a 3.5 or higher.

Is Ada passing grade at RCC?

The following grades are used “A”, excellent; “B”, good; “C”, satisfactory; “D”, passing, less than satisfactory; “F”, failing; “FW”, failing due to cessation of participation in a course after the last day to officially withdraw from a course; “I”, incomplete; “IP”, in progress; “RD”, report delayed; “P”, pass; “NP”, …

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How many credits do you need to graduate from RCC?

Completion of a Certificate Program requires a minimum of 30 credits, a program GPA of 2.0, is in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 1.5 and above), and adheres to all accreditation standards where appropriate.

Does Rvcc require SAT?

A cumulative SAT score of 1100+ (including 550+ in Math & 450+ in Evidence-Based Reading & Writing); an aggregate ACT score of 26+ (including a 24+ in Reading and a 23+ in Math) or satisfactory score on the RVCC Math & English Placement Test.

What are the admission requirements for Riverside City College?

RCC has only two international student admissions requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent OR over the age of 18 (minors may be considered for special admission)
  • TOEFL iBT 45 or equivalent. (see accepted scores) Accepted Scores as Proof of English Language Proficiency.

Does RCC have BSN?

The RCC-CSU CEP provides qualified RCC associate degree nursing (ADN) students a quality, affordable and accessible pathway for completing a BSN degree within six (6) months for full- time students after graduating with their ADN.

How much do critical care nurses make?

Entry-level critical care nurses draw an average annual salary of $58,383, while those in their late career make, on average, $83,882 each year. Critical care nursing is a specialty for registered nurses, who command an average annual salary of $63,263.