What type of student does Brown look for?

Brown is looking for students who “possess an intense curiosity and aspire to make an impact.” To decide which 5.4% of the very talented and accomplished applicant pool best meets this standard, the university avoids any type of formulaic assessment and dives into a full-blown holistic admissions process.

What kind of students go to Brown?

As a top-tier college, Brown is looking for students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in and out of the classroom while in high school. However, given the competitiveness of the application process, performance alone is not enough.

What characteristics does Brown look for?

We look for intelligent, highly motivated students from all walks of life who may come from diverse backgrounds and cultural heritages, who represent different academic and extracurricular interests, and who bring a spectrum of ideologies to Brown.

What’s bad about Brown University?

They don’t help you find any aid or fight to get you any. Financial support is really low with tuition being so high. female population is really low, 95% male population. The cost is quite high, and the individual offices (financial aid, etc) are slow to respond to studnets needs.

Can I get into Brown with a 3.7 GPA?

Considering that, your cumulative unweighted GPA after your first semester of senior year, if you keep up this level of performance, should be about a 3.7~3.8, which should be above or at least around the academic cutoff for these top-tier schools.

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Is Brown an easy school?

If we’re being honest, though, Brown is not nearly as hard as it should be. … There are two types of students who take advantage of the ways that many Brown courses don’t force you to put in that much work. The first group are students who simply don’t try that hard.

Is Brown the happiest Ivy?

Campus happiness: Brown is widely known as the happiest Ivy, perhaps because of students’ freedom to choose courses with almost complete autonomy. … The university regularly ranks in high standing on lists of the nation’s happiest campuses, earning Brown first place out of the Ivies for student body happiness.

Is Brown a party school?

Brown has a large partying/frat scene if you are into that. It also has a drug scene, bigger than at most colleges (probably due to eccentric student body). But both the drug scene and the partying scene can be avoided if you like (though you will find yourself in the minority).

Is Brown University worth the cost?

Based on its ranking and cost, Brown University is in the very top category of high-value schools. First and foremost, Brown University is already one of the best colleges in the nation, and often this means world-class opportunities that are well worth the cost.