Your question: What is the tuition for Loyola University?

Лойола Юниверсити Чикаго

How much is a semester at Loyola?

Sticker Price

Fee Cost
Tuition $44,105
Books and Supplies $1,200
Other Fees $1,438
Room and Board $14,780

Is Loyola expensive?

This school is shockingly expensive, but that’s because it’s a private school and Loyola has to pay for many things including maintenance, professors and other expenses. … College is too expensive; Loyola is no different.

Does Loyola give good financial aid?

Approximately 98 percent of all undergraduates receive some form of aid from federal, state, institutional, and private sources. Of that aid, 95 percent is a Loyola-funded scholarship or grant. Loyola also offers several merit-based scholarships, awarded to students based on their academic achievements.

Does Loyola give full scholarships?

All applicants, regardless of qualification should submit the FAFSA so they may be considered for Loyola grants as well as federal need-based aid. Ignatian Scholars receive a full-tuition scholarship and on-campus housing allowance, in addition to automatic admission into our Honors Program.

How do I get a full ride to Loyola?

One full-tuition scholarship is available to students who have been named National Merit/National Achievement finalists by the National Merit Corporation. Qualified students should submit a copy of their award letter from the National Merit Corporation as their application for one of these scholarships by March 1st.

How much financial aid does Loyola give?

Scholarships & Grants for All Students Is $21,218

Of the 11,919 undergraduates at Loyola University Chicago about 88.0% (10,542 in total) get some form of grant aid. The typical amount given was $21,218.

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